Want to speak IT? Here's your Essential IT Glossary


Interlaced IT Glossary eBook

What’s inside?

If you're tired of pretending to understand when everyone is tossing around IT terms, you're not alone. Although the IT landscape seems tough to navigate, we enjoy breaking down frequently used phrases into simple terms. That's why we put together this free eBook glossary that explains all of those pesky IT terms.

Once you dive into this helpful guide, you'll gain a better understanding of the seemingly (but not really) complex industry jargon. We live to make IT easier. Interlaced automation eBook curl (1)

For your reference, we've split this eBook into four sections according to each major IT category. Here's a quick overview:

  • Part 1: General IT terms
  • Part 2: Data terms
  • Part 3: Security terms
  • Part 4: Cloud terms

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